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Gifted and Talented Program

The program will look a little bit different this year here at Loch Lomond. This year we will have a gifted program set up at our school which means that students will no longer have to bus to another location to receive services! Instead, they will come to me. My name is Mrs. Frazier, and I am the new gifted education teacher. This will be my 6th year working here at Loch Lomond so I already know many of the students. I am very excited to start my new role this year!

How does the program work?

Once a week the students in grades 1-5 who meet the criteria for the program will go with me to my classroom for studies. Students in grade K will
receive 45 minutes of gifted education resource service every other week. Students in grade 1 and 2 will receive at least 45mins of gifted education resource service weekly. Students in grade 3 will receive 90mins of gifted education resource service weekly. Finally, students in grades 4 and 5 will receive 225mins of gifted education resource service weekly.

What are the areas of study during gifted services?

The instruction during gifted services is project-based and interdisciplinary. Students are involved with on-going in-depth study projects throughout the year that focus on language arts and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). The projects are carefully designed to provide in-depth studies of a variety of content areas and involve the exploration of above grade-level skills.

What days do the students go to the gifted and talented classroom?


K-3rd grades


5th grades


4th grades


Are the students that attend the gifted program responsible for the classwork they missed and the homework that was assigned that day?

Students are NOT required to make up any classwork on the day they attend gifted services but ARE required to complete the assigned homework for that day.