Langage Arts:


Books for Kids to Read: 

Scroll down and click “Elementary Stream.” There are some books you can read and some you can listen to.


Drawing and Writing

This is a YouTube channel created and run by author Susan Tan. It has readings, activities, art projects, writing games, and more.

Read Alouds

             Astronauts read picture books from space. 

Math games

                   (In Sumdog, you can play as a guest)

Social Studies:


The headquarters of the very popular Who Was…? book series. Explore the books, download activity sheets, and learn about the Netflix show. Also, you can download the app called “Who Was? Adventure” and play.




National Geographic Kids:

This site has games, videos, animal information, and more.



Mystery Science:

 Lessons are separated by grade levels and split into two categories. The mini-lessons are 15-30 minutes and all digital. The full lessons are 45-90 minutes and include a hands-on activity.




These are YouTube channels with lots of Science videos. Categories include Earth Science, Physical Science, Simple Machines, Awesome Animals, etc.



NASA Image and Video Library:

 Mr. Demaio on YouTube!

NASA’s entire collection of images, sounds, and videos. Try clicking “Most Popular” and check out some awesome pictures like this.