Hello families!

This is the 3rd grade academic review page. If you child is spending some time in general education for academics, please see their general education teacher's class web page. A gentle reminder that all assignments are considered optional. No assignments will be graded and your health and safety come first!

If you need any additional resources or have any questions, I am here for you :)

For students following VAAP curriculum, we will be following 3rd grades curriculum to the best of their abilities. 

5/11 Update
From this date on, work will be assigned via Seesaw app
-First create your user (email for QR code)
Access seesaw app and complete assigned work. More assignments will be assigned as they are completed.

-If you have not received your login for RAZ-Kids, please send me an email and I'll be happy to resent it. 


If you would like some paper work to print at home:
-Fraction review packet for VAAP

-Review Video
-Ecosystem vocabulary/activity
-Additional work for landforms