Welcome to Our 4th Grade Page!

Wish we were here!

I miss you all! I hope everyone is healthy, happy and enjoying time at home with family. My family and I have been spending a lot of time outside working on our flowerbeds. 

I am going to do my best to help you continue learning during the next few weeks while we are out of school. There are many resources on this page and on the Fourth Grade Distance Learning page. If you were in school on Friday before the break, you already have most of the packets from the distance learning page. If you were not here, then you can download them on the Fourth Grade page.

The first, most important thing to do, is sign up for Google Classroom. I can communicate with you, post lessons, assignments and videos through our page. To sign in, simply go to classroom.google.com and use your {computerusername}@lochlomondes.com. Your password will be your lunch number followed by lles. EX: 012354lles

Google Classroom Code: ohopot3

The second most important thing to do is login to Zoom. You all should have invites from me in your school email (@pwcs-edu.org).  Use my email to connect directly to me. We will have class Zoom meetings every week. Watch your email and Google Classroom for scheduling.

If you need usernames and passwords for any of your digital apps, please let me know and I will get them for you. You can email me with questions or for help with anything. Contact information for myself and all of the other teachers who work in our classroom is located ---------->

Distance Learning Schedule
Click the link below to see our distance learning schedule and meeting times. All materials, lessons, videos, and assignments will be published on Google Classroom. I am also uploading a copy of the plans to the Files and Documents part of the page. Located to your left. Each week I will post a new copy complete with links to all assignments.

4th Grade Virtual Schedule.docx

Class Schedule


Language Arts










VA Studies






Encore Rotation

Monday Library/STEM
Tuesday Music
Wednesday P.E.
Thursday Art
Friday P.E.

Pacing Guides

Pacing guides help us know what to teach and when. If you click on the links below, you can view the pacing guide for each subject area.

ELA Pacing Guide.docx

Math Pacing Guide.pdf

Science Pacing Guide.pdf

Virginia Studies PG 2019-20.pdf


​Click on the Useful Links tab on the left side of this page to visit several helpful websites for students to practice skills. Some of those sites already have assignments posted.

Contact Information

Ms. Huey

Email: hueysl@pwcs.edu

Class Dojo: 
Scan the QR code below to sign up. Translation is available through this app for most languages including Spanish and French.

Class Dojo Code

ESOL and Title I Staff Contact Information:

Mrs. Baldwin - ESOL

Mrs. Hayes - ESOL

Ms. Masters - ESOL

Mrs. Rigg - Title I Reading

Ms. Orsborne - Title I Math